Premium Glue

Color: Black

Dry Time: 0.5 sec

Odor: Slight

Durability: 40 to 60 days

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Carbon Black.

Optimal Humidity: 50% to 70%

Formaldehyde and Latex- Free!

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 bottles

Customize: Accept Private Label,Ship to all over of the world.

Shake well before use Store in cool, dry and temperature stable location.

Keep away from pets and Children!

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Why choose our Premium Glue?

Strong Bonding Eyelash Extension Glue.  In fact, our top-selling glue for all these years!  Find out why... Just try it.  Your business can't afford not to.

Eyelash Glues can mean the difference between keeping a client forever, and always trying to find new ones.  That is why this glue has become a staple for so many eyelash extension salons and beauty schools!  With a very black color, and a slightly thicker consistency than other lash glues that are advertised as "strong bond," Feeling Lashes Premium Glue will keep you ordering regularly.  Lash extension glues are largely personal preference.  Some like faster drying glues, while others prefer a bit slower drying glues.  This glue is the perfect medium, but still leans on the faster side of things.  Your clients will love it because it is super black and makes the lashes they paid for pop much better than standard glues on the market.  We keep getting feedback that this eyelash extension glue performs better than lash glues double the price.

This Lash Glue can be used on both Classic and Volume.  We find that we like to lean more to the Classic lashes with this one though.  But the versatility allows for application of all kinds of styles of lashes!