Volume: 15 ml

Color: Transparent Color

Odor: Non Odor

Applicable glue type: All eyelash glue

Usage: Speed up drying, nourish and strengthen eyelash

Shelf life: 12 Months

Customize: Accept Private Label, Ship to all over of the world.

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 bottles

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Why choose our Lash Primer?

Get the best hold possible on your client's eyelash extensions!  Before application of the synthetic eyelash extensions, gently apply Feeling Eyelash Extension Primer to prep the natural lashes for optimal bonding between the synthetic lash and the natural lash- regardless of which revelation eyelash extension glue you choose to use.  For best results:

1 Wash natural lashes with Lash Foam by Feeling Lashes to remove dirt, makeup debris and natural oils from the lashes.

2 Once dry, gently and carefully apply the Feeling Lash Primer to the natural lashes.

3 Allow time to dry before lash application. (2-5 minutes)

4 Apply individual eyelash extensions using professional grade eyelash extension glue and synthetic mink eyelashes.