How to start working with us?

Are you a lash artist? Do you want to create your own brand or look for a stable and reliable supplier for your own brand? Usually, when you choose to cooperate with a company, the most important thing is product quality, followed by price and service. There are many customers who don't understand the quality of our products when they start to cooperate with us, and they don't know whether our products are popular or not. So many customers want to know how everyone evaluates our products. So we showed many customers' evaluations of our products. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world, and we provide OEM services for 500+ brands. 99% of customers gave very good comments after testing the samples we provided, and these eyelash artists usually choose to make their own brand or order products of our brand directly after testing the samples. If you are interested in this customer feedback, would you like to test some samples?

How to get free samples?

It would be great if you are interested in our products and expect to cooperate with us. As a powerful company. We are of course happy to provide samples to our customers. Our professional salesman will ask you for samples and your delivery address and recommend samples for you. Usually, we can provide 2-3 trays eyelashes and a bottle of eyelash glue as free samples, if you need to test more products, we need extra charge.

The samples we provide are free, but customers need to bear the freight from the Chinese factory to foreign countries. It's about $27 or $28. We will send out the sample on the same day we receive the shipping fee, and the sample will arrive at the destination in about 5 working days. We would very much like you to give us a feedback after testing the samples. If you like samples, we can make OEM private label order. How does it work? please look below.

How to make a Private Label order?

As a good eyelash artist, everyone wants to have their own brand and make it more and more popular, in fact, it is very simple. I believe we will be your reliable partner. As a professional eyelash factory, we not only have high-quality products, but also we have excellent packaging designers to serve you. If you want to make an OEM order, you only need to provide your Logo (logo preferably in Adobe Illustrator, SVG, PDF vector format) to our designers. Our designers will make exquisite packaging designs for you, and we will communicate with you and modify the designs until you are satisfied. In addition, in order to allow more customers to have their own brands. Our MOQ for OEM orders is very low, the MOQ for eyelashes is 100 trays, the MOQ for glue and other products is 20 bottles. Most customers can accept our MOQ. It usually costs $100 to make an OEM package. We only charge once, which is a great deal. Finally I want to tell you that we can provide different packaging for you to choose, it can make your products more personalized. We can make plastic packaging trays of various colors and environmentally friendly cartons. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.