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Time: 2023-02-09 13:58:24

What kind of eyelashes are the most popular eyelashes for eyelash artist? We have heard many answers.

"matte" "foil back" "light&soft" "dark black" "natural" "vegan" "easy to make fan" "easy to pull off" "keep curl for a long time" "cheap" "Beautifully packaged"

Why our production eyelashes are professional?

Material: Feeling Lashes are made of PBT fiber imported from Korea. This material comes to three chief features: light, natural, soft. The fiber gives a deep black matte finish and retains the curve of the lashes for maximum length of time. Feeling eyelash has been authorized by SGS, totally hand-making, no animal test, all the material is environment friendly.


Logo paper cards: Our logo cards are printed on the super large format XL162 printing machine from Heidelberg, Germany, with full colors and clear printing. Foil back material cards can be removed from the tape easily. High quality wallpaper avoids any residue on eyelash holder , strong adhesive makes recycle use.

Volume Eyelash Extension (3).jpg

Glue strip: We chose this 2mm glue we are using after 23 tests. It is dark brown and moderately viscous. If you remove the eyelashes from the glue strip, there will be no residual glue and impurities at the root of the eyelashes. This newly designed 2mm non-sticky strip to allow more control and easier release of lashes.


Packing Box: We provide two different packages for customers to choose.

The first is a plastic tray, which has the advantage of being light in weight and small in size, but strong enough. We have more than 10 colors and 4 different styles of plastic pallets for customers to choose from.


The second is magnet carton or drawer carton with customer logo. We can customize any color for customers and print the customer's logo on the box to make your product unique. The MOQ is 200pcs.