Service Real Shot

Time: 2023-02-09 14:19:09

1 As a professional eyelash factory, we do not maliciously compete with other suppliers on price. Because we always put quality and service first. On the premise of guaranteeing product quality and service, we provide customers with the lowest factory direct selling price.


2 Our factory accepts 50% advance payment to start making orders. The order production time is 3-4 weeks. When the order is produced, we will take pictures of the order for the customer, and the customer needs to pay 50% of the final payment before delivery. We will provide the waybill number to the customer after receiving the final payment.


3 Orders are delivered on time without delay. Our factory has sufficient raw materials, skilled workers and high work efficiency. Usually, we deliver by the agreed date without any delay


4 We have very excellent sales and after-sales service teams. "Respond to customers within one hour and solve customer problems within 24 hours" is our service tenet. Whether it is weekends or holidays, we serve customers online and solve customer problems.


5 Our factory not only produces eyelashes, but also produces eyelash glue, tweezers, etc. covering all products in the eyelash industry. We can provide customers with one-stop procurement services and save customers purchasing freight and effort.