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Eyelash Training Kit

The professional eyelash training kits to begin a career in the eyelash industry or to start a business in the cosmetics industry. Included with all the tools and accessories that is necessary for eyelash training.

MOQ 20 kits

One-week lead time

Durability of the tools

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product quality

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When it comes to professional eyelash training kits, it is a must to have preserved the quality f the products as it can be used over time or daily every day of the week for longer hours. That is why we at Feeling Lashes specially put more effort into when manufacturing the eyelash training kits. There are over 20 tools and products are included in the kit as it needed for the training sessions. Unlike other eyelash training kits manufacturers, Feeling Lashes specializes in all things eyelashes. We exactly know what our customers or resellers need to have the products sold or used. That’s why we always make sure all the products are limit tested in our labs and applied to mannequins to see the quality of the products. Not only that all of our primary and secondary products are highly reliable and maintain premium quality as they all are handmade by our skillful workers who are happy to contribute to the eyelash industry.

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When it comes to the eyelash industry, we have gained a large amount of experience over the years. Especially the CEO himself found quite a lot of debilitating factors in the industry and that is one of the primary reasons, Feeling Lashes came to life. Unlike other companies, we always put our customers first and value their feedback to bring forth a useful product to market.

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All of our products maintains industry standards.

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All The Extra Care For Eyes With Our Extra Accessories

We have you covered with all the necessary tools that are needed to fix up the eyelash and eyes.

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