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Let us help you white label your business with our amazingly well-made eyelash extensions and all the other eyelash-related products. We want nothing but the success of your business and being able to be a major contributor to that aspect is what drives us and motivating to be who we are and grow our organization. Do hesitate and think twice, we got you covered and you are in for life long bond with Feeling Lashes. Be one of the many success stories we share every day.


Story of us

Feeling Lashes was established in 2020 by the current owner and the chairman with the hope of making change and a shift in the stagnant eyelash industry. During his working years as a sales person he was able to come across many issues that was happening in the industry. After the initial establishment of the company, it was able to achieve rather high level of success due to the strategic and innovative market approach it had. Feeling Lash takes great pride in the value that company has been holding eversince it was started. One of the primary values we hold is the fact that we put our clients first and treat them with utmost care. In order to make a change in the multi-billion dollar industry, the change has to started within ourselves. That is why we create the premium quality products and services for a very reasonable prices. Commercial success should be a byproduct of of the passionate effort we put in.

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private and white label

Whether you are in a small indie business, or a large corporation, if you have anything to do with the eyelash industry, the consumers will be interested in your products. We all know that the industry is big, but what about private labeling and white labeling for clients? If you have something to do with the eyelash industry and you want to learn about private labeling, white labeling, or feel like you might be missing out on a profit opportunity, do not worry we got your back. Feeling lashes offer the ultimate opportunity to local and international businessmen and women or entrepreneurs to get involved in the private and white label of the eyelash industry products. Hurry up and get in touch with us and start your journey like a boss! We offer exclusive insights into the process and let you have your own branded line of products.

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Our Products

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Classic Lashes
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Color Lashes
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Easy Fan Lashes
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Flat/Ellipse Lashes
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Pre Made Fans
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Volume lashes
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YY Lashes
Custom Lashes
Lash Shampoo (1)
Eyelash Glue

Lashes of eyes

All The Extra Care For Eyes With Our Extra Accessories

image of eyelash accessories
We have you covered with all the necessary tools that are needed to fix up the eyelash and eyes.


Our Service

As a company that specializes in making eyelashes and eyelash-related tools, we are dedicated to providing our clients with other necessary services that go beyond just the manufacturing of the products. We create services that bond us with our clients and ultimately help us to manifest a long business relationship that will be beneficial for both parties as well.

Branding & Packing

We let you decide what you want to boost your business or brand.

24/7 Customer service

We care for our client's concerns hence why we clear out the doubts.

Worldwide delivery

Fast & secure delivery to anywhere in the world on time without hassles.

Free samples

Get free samples of the products to test out the products & see for yourself.

Your Business

Branding & Packaging

We help you to start your own brand with our products and services. Especially if you are a new business owner who started doing business with us, you have the opportunity to work with our clearly defined guidance to build your brand. You completely offer the freedom to customize the products and have your own visual texts, logos, labels, and shapes or colors to the products. Not only that we have various packaging options for you. Such as plastic boxes, environmentally friendly cartons, and plastic bottles to make your products more diverse that fit your brand building.


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