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Eyelash Lift Kit

Eyelash lift kit gives the freedom to carry around without any inconvenience. Consists of many useful eyelash tools that can be used on the way. This lift can be customized according to the client’s needs.

Exquisite eyelash Lift is beneficial for those seeking a low-maintenance everyday look. Incorporating a lash lift to your client’s beauty routine allows them to use mascara, rub their eyes and sleep face down without worrying about damaging their lashes. Eyelash lifts are perfect for clients with sensitive eyes and allergies to cyanoacrylate. The effect can last up to 8 weeks which becomes a great benefit for your client.

Exquisite Lash Lift has undergone severe testing to ensure client safety and optimal results. Silicone pads are used instead of traditional perm rods to obtain the most dramatic look.

For professional use only. Up to 15 applications.

MOQ 20 kits

One-week lead time

Durability of the tools

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Eyelash Lift Kit Product Quality-2


product quality

Eyelash Lift Kit Product Quality-2
Feeling Lashes always ensure the quality of products by finding the gaps in the market and determining solutions to fix them and make them even better. Especially this Eyelash lift kit ensures that it consists of all the basic tools and equipment needed to get the job done. Just to make it lightweight it has not reduced the quality or capacity. Our research and development group has determined an innovative way to put everything together and make it as mobile as possible. Unlike other companies, we do not just care about selling the product and making a profit. Feeling Lashes chairman and the owner has been working in the eyelashes industry for many years and found out about many issues in the industry. It has become one of the biggest primary goals to ensure that these mistakes have to be rectified and to develop new methods of approaching the issues. That is why we are passionate about making the best lift kits in the world.

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When it comes to the eyelash industry, we have gained a large amount of experience over the years. Especially the CEO himself found quite a lot of debilitating factors in the industry and that is one of the primary reasons, Feeling Lashes came to life. Unlike other companies, we always put our customers first and value their feedback to bring forth a useful product to market.

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