Lash Shampoo

Remove all the dirt and makeup residue from the eyelash you wore and get it cleaned up gently without harming the lashes themselves. Easy to apply and clean up the messy lashes that were worn for a long time.

Problems with retention? One of the most common reasons for bad retention is dirty lashes! Whether it’s how YOU clean the lashes prior to the treatment, or how your CLIENT takes care of their extensions afterwards – it all has an impact!

If you want your eyelash extensions to last longer, natural lashes need to be absolutely free from any traces of oils, sebum, dust or make-up before you begin the lash application.

Lash Shampoo perfectly cleans oil, sebum, make-up and dust from the lashes.

MOQ of 20 bottles


One-week lead time

Bottle cap customization

Safe to use


Stands Out

Different from Others

Feeling Lashes lash shampoo is not like other types of products on the market. It does not leave any eye irritation to the eyes or eyelids once used it. Most of the other products in the market leave allergic reactions to the eyes. However, lash shampoo does not do that to the eyes. It will help to grow the natural lashes healthily while helping to remove dirt and make residue that is stuck in the eyelash extensions. This should be done at least once a week to ensure the durability of the eyelash extensions and the health of the natural lashes. We offer 100% effectivenes when it comes to the cleaning of the extensions. Because of the non-toxicity of the product, it does not damage the durability of the eyelash extensions. Highly tested and recommended by many professional beauticians in the industry.

As You Like

Wanna Customize?

We let you fix up your own preference for our products. OEM & ODM are available for the products, including eyelash extensions, eyelash accessories, and cosmetic tools. Have your products customized according to your company’s theme and brand which will surely give a boost to your business. Not only that if you are a new business owner, but we also give you the opportunity to choose whatever you like to customize and guide you through the process. Feeling Lashes always tries to bring creativity and innovations into the eyelash industry that is why we always promote our customizability for the products.


We let you customize the color of each product as you want.


Have your preferred design and visual texts on the products.


Bottle Capacity

Can choose the bottle capacity as per the requirement.


Customizable boxes and also eco-friendly carton boxes


Get Solved All The Doubts Within An Hour!

Our customer service agents will get back to you within an hour and fix all of your problems within 24 hours.


Our Service

As a company that specializes in making eyelashes and eyelash-related tools, we are dedicated to providing our clients with other necessary services that go beyond just the manufacturing of the products. We create services that bond us with our clients and ultimately help us to manifest a long business relationship that will be beneficial for both parties as well.

Branding & Packing

We let you decide what you want to boost your business or brand.

24/7 Customer service

We care for our client's concerns hence why we clear out the doubts.

Worldwide delivery

Fast & secure delivery to anywhere in the world on time without hassles.

Free samples

Get free samples of the products to test out the products & see for yourself.

Your Business

Branding & Packaging

We help you to start your own brand with our products and services. Especially if you are a new business owner who started doing business with us, you have the opportunity to work with our clearly defined guidance to build your brand. You completely offer the freedom to customize the products and have your own visual texts, logos, labels, and shapes or colors to the products. Not only that we have various packaging options for you. Such as plastic boxes, environmentally friendly cartons, and plastic bottles to make your products more diverse that fit your brand building.

Lashes of eyes

All The Extra Care For Eyes With Our Extra Accessories

We have you covered with all the necessary tools that are needed to fix up the eyelash and eyes.

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When it comes to the eyelash industry, we have gained a large amount of experience over the years. Especially the CEO himself found quite a lot of debilitating factors in the industry and that is one of the primary reasons, Feeling Lashes came to life. Unlike other companies, we always put our customers first and value their feedback to bring forth a useful product to market. Also, the essential factors such as prices and delivery are rather overlooked by other eyelash industry companies. Because they usually want to just sell the product and acquire commercial success. But Feeling Lashes always puts our customers first and care for them.

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