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All the cosmetic and eye care brushes in customizable options.
Cream Remover (1)

Cream Remover

Helps to remove the lashes adhesive and safely dissolve the adhesive bonds without damaging to the natural lashes. This cream remover is ideal for professionals who use the extensions on regular basis. Doing so could damage the natural lashes and it with affect the growth of the natural lashes.That is why cream remover product is needed. This helps to carefully get rid of the the adhesives without and inconvenience.

Gel Remover

Get rid of the unwanted lash extensions from the eyes without any hassles. Once applied it slowly removes adhesive bonds and letting the extensions slip off slowly. Most important it does not cause any damage to the natura lashes or the eyes. Gel remover is available in 2 colors. Including clear and orange. Get rid of the eyelash extensions without any hassle.

Super Bonder

Maximise the retention of the adhesive that is applied to the eyelash extensions. After the application the the eyelash extensions will not drop or have relatively good durability to the extensions. This will keep the adhesive bonds that is attached to the extensions much more stronger. Super bond can be applied with any adhesive for theyelashes. It should be applied after the normal adhesive is applied.


Makes the grafting better and blocks out from sweat or water drops that can be falling into the eyelash extensions. Applying this Primer will speed up the glue setting of the extensions. It can be applied after using the regular eyelash adhesives. Enhances the retention time and durability of the the eyelash extensions. Must need product for those who use eyelash extensions.

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We let you fix up your own preference for our products. OEM & ODM are available for the products, including eyelash extensions, eyelash accessories, and cosmetic tools. Have your products customized according to your company’s theme and brand which will surely give a boost to your business. Not only that if you are a new business owner, we also give you the opportunity to choose whatever you like to customize and guide you through the process.


We let you customize the color of the each products as you want.


Have your preferred design and visual texts on the products.


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Can choose the bottle capacity as per the requirement.


Customizable boxes and also eco-friendly carton boxes

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