The inception

Our story

The beginning of our journey that took us places and created a globally known brand.
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The inception

A journey

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The proud owner of Feeling Lashes Yu Jinchao has worked diligently for many years as a salesperson. Over the years he was able to gather intense knowledge and data about the system around the industry and how important it is to work with clients and their satisfaction levels. But one of the issues he came across as many people aren’t being served properly in the eyelash industry. That is when Yu took the initiative to start his own company in 2020 called Feeling Lashes. With the knowledge and gap in the market he found, he believes he truly can make a difference and change in the industry by simply providing high-quality eyelash extensions and accessories for a reasonable price and satisfying the clients which build a big loyalty bond among everyone. We currently have about 60 plus workers who are just as passionate as the chairman about the eyelashes. We generally manage to reach a monthly output of 100,000 boxes of eyelash products for many countries and businesses across the globe. Our primary market is the business-to-business wholesale section. Our main priority is to be responsible to our customers with our reliable and durable products that make their business successful. And eventually to boost the confidence of whoever uses our products in the world.

Passion & Beauty

What Sets Us Apart

Feeling Lashes takes care of all your issues related to eye embellishments with our strong fundamental values and approaches that held for years.

Customer Service

Replied with 1 hour and resolved within 24 hours.


Innovative approaches to bring about new trends.

On-time delivery

Delivering to your location in a matter of weeks.

Innovating Elegance

Insight into our production

The main raw material that we use for the manufacturing of eyelashes is PBT fiber which is basically imported from Korea as it is one of the highest quality ones out there. The manufacturing process consists of intricate but repetitive methods and procedures to go through. First, the fiber cluster is carefully put together under a magnifying glass and should be attached together with a special chemical glue that is not harmful to the eyes. Then the eyelash should be left in a controlled environment under a proper condition of heat to be dried off. Once done the lashes are cleaned and brushed carefully and trimmed if needed. The procedure can vary depending on the product specificity.
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The Direction

Vision Statement

Feeling Lashes strives become one of the most sought-after eyelash extensions and accessories providers in the world by the end of this decade which ensures all the setbacks are mitigated and minimalized. Especially to leave a legacy to the beauty & eyelash industry.

A Leadership

CEO’s Message

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“As the CEO and owner of the Feeling Lashes organization, I used to be a salesperson with five years of experience selling eyelashes. In order to serve customers well and understand their needs, I still work on the front line of sales until now. In the past few years of sales work, I have served thousands of eyelash practitioners. I often encounter many customers complaining to me about the problems I mentioned above, and many households are distressed because they do not have a stable and reliable supply factory. I deeply regret the above industry issues and want to make some real changes. As I’m genuinely passionate about this niche I always work my best to bring a valuable product along with a high satisfaction level.”
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